What drives your global mobility policy?

Is it employee experience … or rules and regulations?

Yes, managing risk around visas and tax is crucial for businesses employing people from offshore or moving staff around the world.

So is managing budgets. Company policies must be applied to control relocation costs such as airfares, accommodation, shipping and resettlement support.

But what outcomes does your global mobility policy achieve for talent management, retention and productivity – as well as risk and budget?

For the following reasons, it’s worth taking a step back and thinking strategically about how your business currently treats relocating employees.  And the impact on your people, as well as broader HR objectives. 

Technology is increasingly automating the basics of key functions like immigration and taxation, as well as internal monitoring and management of relocating employees. This disruption provides opportunity to refocus attention and resources.

Compliance is only one part of the jigsaw of moving a person internationally.  Done well, it saves the business money and facilitates the relocation process for the individuals and their families.  In a recent article Global Mobility strategy expert Chris Debner argues that administration and compliance are increasingly seen as hygiene factors:

Something connected with a job that may not make an employee feel satisfied, but that will make them feel unhappy if it is not provided.

An integrated and positive employee experience has a far greater impact on employee performance and retention. That’s why so many successful businesses now build their core HR practices around the people who work there – why not do the same for global mobility policy? Again, Chris Debner sums it up well:

Purposeful mobility is going to emerge, which shifts the focus back from technical compliance aspects to the assignee and their family.

If your business is ready to think about making this shift, we'd welcome the chance to explore it with you. Please do get in touch.

Bridget is Principal at Mobile Relocation. Working in partnership with HR and executive teams, Mobile helps bring expat staff to fill key roles in companies and organisations throughout New Zealand.

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