What I loved the most was that all services were extremely personalized to our needs especially finding accommodation. Our Mobile adviser, Raewyn, was really helpful and friendly during our orientation. The areas around Auckland which were chosen by Raewyn, considering our convenience, were super helpful. Her background study about our personal requirements (apartment search, sports activities etc) amazed us. We would like to thank Mobile Relocation and Raewyn for the wonderful service provided to start our journey in NZ. |Sujanthan, Accountant, relocating from Sri Lanka to Auckland|

Mobile’s resettlement programme was excellent, and all aspects of your services were incredible. |Than, Accountant, relocating from Vietnam to Auckland|

I found the quick answers from Helen were great, and the complete visit of the city/suburbs really valuable for helping me to settle in. |Elodie, Accountant, relocating from Canada to Auckland|

What I loved the most was that all services were extremely personalized to our needs ie 1) understanding and accessing maternity care as I was 30 weeks pregnant, and 2) finding a home to rent. The efficiency and punctuality was top notch. |Gretta, Auditor, relocating from India to Auckland|

Bridget's local knowledge was invaluable, we especially appreciated the discussions we had with her when she took us around to view houses. |Timo, Regional Director, relocating from Singapore to Auckland|

The orientation around the city and explanation of different areas, added some great perspective when looking at apartments. |Eric, Auditor, relocating from US to Auckland|

The visual representation of the city and suburbs and the property insights shared by Helen were super helpful. Just wanted to say thanks for a wonderful afternoon! |Pooja, Accountant, relocating from India to Auckland|

Working with Mobile eased a significant amount of anxiety of moving to a new city in a new country. Mobile provided helpful knowledge about areas (schools and communities) and about housing (heating!) as well as orientation to Auckland. By working with Mobile, we saved loads of time and ended up in a home and area that are perfect for our family. Thank you!! |Nate and Sara, Engineer and Program Director, relocating from US to Auckland|

Amy was happy to take the time to sit down over Skype, or take long phone calls and give some valuable advice on how to have the best shot in securing housing in a particularly difficult Queenstown market. She looked at other avenues outside of the traditional real estate advertising and fairly quickly found us a brand new, very well finished property with landlords who were more than happy to let us have our dog! After some 30+ applications to real estate agencies and zero progress, we couldn't have made the move from Australia without Amy's help. |Kieran, relocating from Melbourne to Queenstown|

Helping us select the school that would most suit our daughters, and a suburb that would suit the school zone and my work commute, was so valuable to us. Coming into a new country/new city with a family you have no idea which schools and suburbs to select for your particular needs.  You need advice and guidance from experts who are very familiar with a city. As a family it was the biggest decision we had to make shortly after arriving and Mobile's advice was invaluable. Navigating the property rental scene in Auckland was also very challenging.  Again, having an expert with local knowledge able to guide us through that process, and all its inherent pitfalls, was very helpful and enabled a smooth transition. |Jonathan and Linda, Engineer and Environmental Scientist, relocating from South Africa to Auckland|

Exercise is really important to me so having my Advisor provide the gym recommendation was really good, as were showing me around places I could rent. |Monique, Tax Manager, relocating from London to Auckland|

I found my Mobile Expat Onboarding Programme flexible and personalised, guided by and based on my requirements as the client. Helen has helped me get an excellent overview and introduction to places in and around Auckland. |Kam Thong, SAP Consultant, relocating from Malaysia to Auckland|

I was provided with certain insights about rental properties which otherwise I would have not known, or overlooked. The service was excellent. My Advisor was very kind and accommodated my needs at every step. |Kavita, Risk Consultant, relocating from India to Christchurch|

My Mobile Orientation Programme was really valuable for getting an understanding of the local areas - how far everything is from each other and where certain things are happening to build up a good idea of where to look at housing that would work for me. |Dean, Accountant, relocating from South Africa to Hamilton|

I just wanted to express our gratitude for the assistance I received from Emma Bradley in the time I spent in Christchurch. I had a limited timeframe to organize a bank account and find a house and school in a good area for my family - was therefore feeling under a bit of pressure. Emma has gone far and beyond what I expected and is still available to help us in the coming months. Thanks so much. |Brendan, Retail Manager - relocating from Melbourne to Christchurch|

The service helped me get an understanding of the local areas - how far everything is from each other and where certain things are happening. This enabled me to build up a good idea of where to look at housing. |Justin, Accountant - relocating from UK to Auckland|

Mobile was excellent in terms of communication, advice and understanding my needs.  I found their help with general queries about the details of life in NZ valuable, as well as the support for me with selecting and organizing apartment viewings. |Phoebe, Accountant - relocating from UK to Auckland|

Helen did a great job showing us the city, and really nice that she found several relevant apartments to choose from. |Rene and Katherine, Accountant - relocating from Denmark to Auckland|

In particular, we found the discussion with our Advisor and her advice regarding areas to stay, schools etc. received prior to leaving for NZ was really helpful. |Marcus, IT Specialist - relocating from South Africa to Wellington|

Driving around the area and visiting the different suburbs with a local who knows the area so well made a huge difference. |Laura, Accountant - relocating from London to Auckland|

We found it valuable to be able to communicate  with our Mobile Advisor before coming to NZ. This helped us to start the relocation and resettlement process while still in the UK. |Joel, Accountant - relocating from London to Auckland|

Mobile's resettlement services helped me quite a lot in speedily solving my first concerns when we arrived in New Zealand. From the small concerns like "How do I open a bank account?" to bigger ones like "How does the city work, or how is the culture of this country?". And the most important thing about Mobile is that their assistance is provided just for you and your family. Different people will receive different approaches depending on the culture they came from, whether they have children or not, where they want to live and so on. My Advisor didn't spend time on things that were not related to me and my son.

I strongly believe that sometimes, as an ordinary immigrant, it is normal that I will miss my country and culture, and also wonder if I have made the best choice in living abroad. But the good advice that I received from Mobile team, and the way Auckland was presented to me, will really make a difference in keeping me here. You guys really know how to make us feel comfortable and settled after a huge life change. |Luciana, IT Specialist - relocating from Brazil to Auckland|

It was invaluable having someone with local insight pick a number of apartments (which all ticked my boxes) to view and sort out logistics between each. For me to organise and view the same number of apartments by myself would take days! |Kate, Accountant - relocating from UK to Auckland|

I found my Advisor so approachable, and I felt she had a real sense of care for me and my adjustment to Wellington. She shared her knowledge of the city openly and honestly.  And I appreciated the contact and communication throughout the process, both pre-arrival and when I got to New Zealand.  Thanks for your time! |Chandani, Accountant - relocating from South Africa to Wellington|

Lesley was amazing and we couldn't have asked for a better Resettlement Advisor. She went above and beyond what I would have expected. She was always available to answer questions and give advice and was able to foresee what we needed even before we did. She stayed in constant contact and was regularly supplying us with information. She was very organized and even when we had wanted to view an enormous number of schools, she was still energetic and positive! Thanks Lesley! |Robyn, Audiologist - relocating from Canada to Auckland|

I really valued Mobile's help with securing a great rental property for us, and our dog. |AJ, Engineer - relocating from Australia to Christchurch|

It made the move so much easier having my Mobile Advisor facilitate the process of looking for a house, drive me around and provide unbiased advice. |David, Accountant - relocating from England to Auckland|

The advice about setting a bank account up in advance was very valuable.  On the property side, my Advisor really helped me understand the different areas of town, and it was great to have another opinion on what would work best in my budget.  I greatly appreciated and enjoyed my time working with the team! |Nate, IT Specialist - relocating from the US to Auckland|

We give Mobile an excellent rating for all four performance categories (understanding our needs, communication, ease to deal with, professional advice).  The most valuable aspect of the service was the objective local information about areas to live - the positive and the negative.  Can you compile a list of comparative NZ/US store types so that newcomers can relate familiar retailers with a local equivalent?  Note - we loved the idea of a store list click here to view. |Everett, IT Specialist - relocating from the US to Wellington|

Mobile’s on-site advice and liaison with the estate agent was crucial in securing the right property for our large family (we have six young children).  The local knowledge and help with setting up was invaluable, as was the orientation around the city. Our Advisor provided great service.  She was friendly, approachable, professional and very easy to deal with.  Thank you. |Milly, Doctor - relocating from London to Wellington|

Fabulous, thanks for your hard work. I am sure it is a big relief for our new doctor and her family to have a house to move into right in the school neighbourhood.    Excellent result! |Tracey Mannering, HR Manager, Fit For Work - employee relocating from England to Wellington|

I really value the personal interaction and relationship that was built as we sorted out schooling for my teenagers and housing. I keep finding myself wanting to call Emma and tell her what's happening!  Thank you so much, your assistance was extremely helpful. |Shounese, IT specialist - relocating from South Africa to Wellington|

The most valuable aspects of Mobile's resettlement services were setting up apartment walkthroughs using my budget and interests, hawing clear regard to my particular needs and interests when providing information, and seeing different areas of the city.  It was a great way to spend my second day in the new city! Working and chatting with Helen made me feel more comfortable in the new environment. I will definitely utilize and recommend these services in the future. |Kailin, Accountant - relocating to from the US to Auckland|

I needed someone to get me out of the CBD and into a look at the life I was more likely to lead. The advice about schools was illuminating, and you were able to get me connected to a cheer gym I wasn't able to find on my own. Both were very appreciated. |Rebekah & Aaron, Lawyer and IT Specialist - relocating from the US to Wellington|

Extremely friendly and helpful, I felt that Lesley genuinely cared about what would be best for me.  Also, it was very valuable to have someone who could identify and vet a comprehensive set of property listings, then communicate with owners and agents on my behalf." |John, Managing Director, relocating on 6 month secondment from the US to Auckland|

Engaging, professional staff who have your best interests at heart. |Chris, Engineer - relocating from the US to Auckland|

For me, the most valuable part of the service was shortlisting properties and being shown around the city.  Lesley was a lovely person - I enjoyed our orientation and she was very helpful. |Edwin, Accountant - relocating from Malaysia to Auckland|

Helen was great, she was always balanced in her opinions and pointed out the positives and negatives of any properties in my search.  I was impressed by her local knowledge and the application of it to my needs. |Debra, GM Human Resources - relocating from London to Auckland|

Emma took time to understand our needs and catered the relocation services. Starting from showing around the city and taking us to all the schools for kids needs, Emma did an excellent job! |Kannan, IT Project Manager - relocating from Helsinki to Wellington|

It was really valuable to have Mobile to line up house viewings for me prior to our arrival.   I was not in NZ or registered with any estate agents so this would have been very time consuming otherwise. The viewings matched our criteria well, enabling us to agree on a house to rent within a few hours.  Another useful service was giving us details of the local hospital and doctors.  With two young children it was useful to have such information handed to me upfront.  Helen and Emma were welcoming and friendly - they provided excellent service and we really appreciated their help. |Nicola, Auditor - relocating from London to Wellington|

Having Bridget resettle my daughter and I made a huge difference when we relocated to Auckland.  My job carries a heavy workload, leaving minimal time for getting things organised on the home front.  Bridget quickly found us both temporary and long term rental properties that met our needs perfectly, and were within budget.  The local knowledge she shared with us was specific to our interests and made a big difference to how quickly we settled in.  The ongoing contact and support has also been great with regular get-togethers and we know we can call on her at any time. |Kerryn, Commercial Lawyer - relocating from Perth to Auckland|

Raewyn was the first person we met upon arriving in Auckland.  We didn’t know anything about the country or the culture and Raewyn explained everything to us.   This was so important as we began our new life here in New Zealand.  I am also grateful for Raewyn’s assistance with finding a house and schools for kids.  She dealt with moving companies, utilities providers and many other suppliers as we set up our household.   Raewyn was always available to help when we needed it.  And she has continued to keep in touch with us even after we have been here some time. |Serpil & Merih, Senior Manager - relocating from Turkey to Auckland|

I just wanted to say thanks for getting Bridget on the case.  In my past experience in other countries relocation services have involved limited, if not minimal, service and I have usually ended up doing it myself to the detriment of my work.  I’m probably not the easiest person to find a house for, but luckily Bridget put up with me and saw it as a challenge rather than a burden.  The fact that she did all the footwork and negotiations as well as picking me up and dropping me off from my office allowed me to concentrate more on my work which at this stage of the project is pretty crucial. |Chris, Engineer – relocating from Scotland to Auckland|