Mental Health Toolbox for Internationals

Seminars for Mental Health Awareness Week, 23-29 September 2019

Does your organisation employ a lot of international talent or recent migrants? This seminar is a must-do for your people.

Operating in new environment is difficult for anyone - imagine doing it every day as an expat or migrant. The Holmes and Rabe Stress Scale rates relocating to a different country at 293, and a score of 300 can lead to serious illness!

It’s imperative that employers have initiatives in place to support the unique mental health and wellbeing needs of internationals.  The performance of expat and migrant talent depends on it.  And most EAP service providers don't have the expertise or experience for this group of employees.

Mobile is thrilled to bring Dr Sonia Jaeger, global nomad and expat mental health specialist, to New Zealand for Mental Health Awareness Week, 23-29 Sept 2019. Learn more about Dr Sonia here.

Dr Sonia’s workplace seminars will provide new insight for internationals navigating life and work here. And practical tools they can implement for immediate impact.

In this 1-hour seminar your expat and migrant employees will:

  • Get an understanding of the specific mental health challenges facing internationals

  • Identify the emotional phases of international relocation, which can last years

  • Learn how to recognize symptoms

  • Learn tools and coping strategies to build resilience and wellness

Employers will see long term results including:

  • Greater openness in expat and migrant employee populations about the wellness challenges they face

  • Self-identification of wellness challenges and seeking support sooner rather than later

  • Improved wellbeing in your expat and migrant employee populations, and a positive impact on retention and performance.

Seminar details

When:  You choose the date and time during Mental Health Awareness Week, 23-29 September 2019  (Limited alternative dates also available.)

Venue:  Dr Sonia will deliver the seminar at your workplace

Investment: $350+GST for an unlimited number of participants