Mobile is less about moving people. And more about working with people.  


Our reputation depends on the satisfaction of the last client we resettle, and the value we deliver to our HR partners. That’s what drives us at Mobile. And why you’ll find we always go the extra mile to build relationships and solve problems. Our team has personal experience of living offshore and a genuine desire to make relocating to New Zealand a positive experience.

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Bridget Romanes|Principal

Founding Mobile was Bridget’s response to the need for a comprehensive suite of services to underpin the global mobility HR function.  Bridget loves being with clients’ businesses and the people they bring to New Zealand. Although born in Auckland, much of Bridget’s life has been overseas. She worked as a diplomat in Singapore and India, travelling extensively in Asia, Europe and North America.  Bridget started her first business as an expat, and then worked on Auckland's local government restructure after repatriating to New Zealand.

“While I enjoyed the stimulation and variety of a global career, I'm also aware of the challenges. And I’ve experienced first-hand how a well-managed relocation boosts employee wellbeing and job performance.”


Raewyn Guilford |Associate Principal

Raewyn works on Mobile’s business development, HR partnerships and as many resettlement assignments as she can fit in! With a background in senior corporate roles, managing large teams in the service industry, Raewyn has insight into the issues facing busy HR experts, and the benefits that outsourcing relocation services provides.  And having lived most of her life in Auckland, Raewyn knows the city inside out.  As mother to two sons with diverse sporting and other interests, her extensive networks are an asset to newcomers.

“I get great satisfaction from successfully relocating people to New Zealand.   Knowing there’s someone with extensive local knowledge to help find the right schools and homes is so important when moving countries”

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Helen Carter |Resettlement Advisor, Auckland

Helen is Mobile’s short term assignment specialist.  Her knowledge of the apartment market and strong organisational skills get people settled into homes quickly and efficiently. Helen grew up on a farm in the South Island and has lived in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland. With 3 pre-schoolers, she moved to post 9-/11 New York and had personal experience of the value of a relocation support.  Helen’s career background in corporate travel is invaluable for helping resettlement clients manage the logistics of an international relocation.

“Auckland is a vibrant, fun city with so much to offer.  I have loved discovering it myself and look forward to sharing this knowledge with you and making your move here an enjoyable one.”


Louise Paterson |Resettlement Advisor, Auckland

Louise grew up in Wellington, and has lived and worked in London, Sydney, and New York where she held sales and marketing positions in the sports, events, personal care, government and wine sectors. After eight years in New York City, Louise relocated in 2013 to Auckland with her husband and two pre-schoolers.  She recalls vividly the container arriving on the streets of Manhattan, and then subsequently at her home in Auckland. But more importantly the many steps before, in-between and after, that she has the wisdom to learn from and share.

“International living is exciting, but Auckland is a gem. I continue to be enthused by the energy of the city and its environs, and enjoy sharing the little and big things that make settling in productive, easy and fun.”


Jane Grigg|Resettlement Advisor, Auckland

Jane grew up in Hamilton, trained as a Pharmacist in Upper Hutt and then worked in Wellington for 20 years. She moved to Auckland with 3 school aged children 13 years ago. Jane loves Auckland, especially the long summers and the closeness to some of New Zealand’s most beautiful beaches.  In her spare time Jane is a very keen golfer and loves trying out the city’s vibrant restaurant scene. Initially, Jane found moving to Auckland daunting and incredibly stressful but she was lucky to have assistance to settle in.

“My sister, an Auckland local, showed me around the city and helped me identify schools and areas to live. This advice was invaluable and this is the approach I now take with my Mobile clients.”


Jennie Johnstone|Resettlement Advisor, Wellington

Coming from a very international family, Jennie has both offshore experience and a solid grounding in Wellington life. She has lived in the US, but her parents and siblings have between them spent time in London and Belgium, Amsterdam, Saudi, Fiji and Australia.  Jennie is trained as a lawyer and has worked in litigation, commercial, family and trademark law. She has three children who were all grew up in Wellington - attending a number of different schools and co-curricular activities, so she has a wide knowledge throughout the city.

“I love Wellington and all it has to offer. It is the best little city in the world! I’m committed to connecting newcomers into new communities where they will soon feel at home.”


Elaine Olphert|Resettlement Advisor, Wellington

Originally from Northern Ireland, Elaine has lived in Christchurch and Hong Kong, but home is now Wellington. A career in financial markets in New Zealand then took her to Asia before returning to start a family. With two teenage daughters she has a wide experience of life in Wellington, from corporate to family. Having experienced the challenges of moving between countries with little assistance, she appreciates the value of a knowledgeable and friendly local contact for advice and practical help.

“Wellington has been my home for many years and it is a great place to live, welcoming and friendly and offering so much for a small city.”

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Sarah Bourke|Resettlement Advisor, Christchurch

Having arrived in Christchurch just a few years ago, Sarah has personal experience to share with newcomers to the rapidly-changing city. Sarah’s second home is Japan.  As a teacher of English in her 20’s, she moved to a small town where the support of a local family enabled her to adapt to Japanese culture. After returning home to secondary school teaching, Sarah shifted careers to run museum and art gallery education programmes. Sarah and her family continue to travel extensively and maintain a network of friends all over the world.

“Moving to a post-earthquake rebuilding city is a unique experience.  Christchurch is an exciting place to be. I find so satisfying helping people navigate their way into the wonderful communities and lifestyle on offer here.”


Rachelle Henson|Resettlement Advisor, Christchurch

With a BA in Psychology from Canterbury University, Rachelle has worked in recruitment and the tourism industry in hotels in New Zealand and overseas. As a mother of three boys still at school (intermediate and high school) she has good contacts and knowledge of the local education sector. Currently Rachelle runs her own business assisting people with house projects so is well tapped into the property scene in Christchurch. She has a passion for people and enjoy connecting people with people, and with products and services.

“Having lived through the Christchurch earthquakes, it’s exciting to see the city re-building and the inflows of new people. I enjoy helping newcomers make the most of life here!”

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Amy Snow|Resettlement Advisor, Queenstown

Living in Doha, post-earthquake Christchurch and now Queenstown gives Amy a wealth of personal experience with relocating and re-establishing in new places. Amy grew up in southern New Zealand and trained as a teacher.  Moving around with her husband’s career as an engineer, Amy continued working in education and has two children – one born in the Middle East.  This is the family’s second assignment in Queenstown so Amy is both fresh to the rapidly-growing city, and also able to draw on longstanding networks and local knowledge.

“Queenstown is a stunning place to live.  Its popularity does mean that housing and other infrastructure is under pressure – but I relish the challenge of getting newcomers settled into homes, schools and the local community.”

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Liz Gold|Resettlement Advisor, Dunedin

Liz has a fascinating CV – spanning Japan, the UK and NZ.  Liz’s adaptability, and strong communication and organisational skills make her an asset to anyone attempting to set up a new life in a new city. Brought up in Southland, Liz has worked in industries as varied as honey, cherry and seed exporting, to customer relations with elite car marques. She spent a year in Japan in her early 20’s working retail, and then another stint in the UK with her husband running their own business. Now with three children, Liz has moved back to be closer to family.

“I understand the stresses and emotions involved in moving nationally or internationally, as an individual, couple or family. My aim is to make the transition as smooth and effortless as possible, so you can call Dunedin home.”


Michelle Bent|Resettlement Advisor, New Plymouth

After resettling over 40 families and individuals in Taranaki, Michelle has extensive contacts and local knowledge. Originally from Australia, Michelle relocated to New Plymouth with her Kiwi husband. Prior to that she travelled extensively for both work and pleasure, living in Singapore, London, Scotland, Hong Kong and Israel.  Now with three teenage sons, the family has continued the overseas adventures. Michelle’s background in call centre management gives her a passion for excellent customer service, attention to detail and commitment.

“I love living in the laid-back yet surprisingly cosmopolitan city of New Plymouth.  It is a special place, and I’m keen to help you feel at home and become as enthusiastic about living here as I am.”


Kathryn Walker|Resettlement Advisor, Rotorua

Kathryn was born in the south of New Zealand but spent most of her early life in the central North Island in Rotorua and at Mt Ruapehu. With a career in hospitality she moved to Australia and was lucky enough to run a fine dining, two hat restaurant there. Now Mum to two preschoolers, Kathryn works part time at popular Rotorua eatery, Terrace Kitchen. In her spare time she enjoys the beach/gardening and anything outdoors.

“Rotorua is home for me and I would love to help other people achieve that feeling - to be settled and happy in an environment with so much potential and growth for the future.”