Mobile is less about moving people and more about   working with people.  


Our reputation will always depend on the satisfaction of the last client we resettle and the usefulness of the service we provide to our HR partners. That’s what drives us at Mobile and why you’ll find we always go the extra mile to build relationships and solve problems. Each of our hand-picked team has personal experience of living offshore and a genuine desire to make relocating to New Zealand a positive experience.

Bridget Romanes at Mobile Relocation in Auckland, New Zealand

Bridget Romanes|Principal

Founding Mobile was Bridget’s response to the need for a comprehensive suite of services to underpin the global mobility HR function.   Read More

Raewyn Guilford at Mobile Relocation in Auckland

Raewyn Guilford|Associate Principal

Raewyn works on Mobile’s business development, HR partnerships and as many resettlement assignments as she can fit in! Read More

Helen Carter at Mobile Relocation in Auckland

Helen Carter|Resettlement Advisor|Auckland

Helen was brought up on a farm in the South Island and has continued to move north, with time spent in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and post-9/11 New York. Read More

Lesley Brown at Mobile Relocation in Auckland

Lesley Brown|Resettlement Advisor|Auckland,Hamilton

With a background in advertising and public relations, Lesley has worked extensively overseas but is now happily settled back in her hometown of Auckland. Read More

Emma Bradley at Mobile Relocation in Christchurch

Emma Bradley|Resettlement Advisor|Christchurch

As a long-time Christchurch resident, Emma knows her city inside out. After originally qualifying in science then teaching, Emma followed her nose for adventure all around the world with corporate and consultancy roles. Read More

Sarah Bourke at Mobile Relocation in Christchurch

Sarah Bourke|Resettlement Advisor|Christchurch

Having moved to Christchurch herself in 2014, Sarah, has ample personal experience to share with those resettling in the rapidly-changing city. Read More

Michelle Bent at Mobile Relocation in New Plymouth

Michelle Bent|Resettlement Advisor|New Plymouth

After resettling over 40 families and families and individuals in Taranaki, Michelle has an extensive network of contacts and local knowledge. Read More


Jennie Johnstone|Resettlement Advisor|Wellington

 Coming from a very international family, Jennie has both offshore experience and a solid grounding in Wellington life.Read More

Elaine 2.jpg

Elaine Olphert|Resettlement Advisor|Wellington

Originally from Northern Ireland, Elaine has lived in Christchurch and Hong Kong but home is Wellington. A career in financial markets in New Zealand then took her to Asia before returning to start a family..  Read More

Liz Gold (2).jpg

Amy Snow|Resettlement Advisor|Queenstown

Living in Doha, post-earthquake Christchurch and now Queenstown has given Amy a wealth of personal experience with re-establishing in new places.  Read More


Liz Gold|Resettlement Advisor|Dunedin

Liz has a fascinating CV – spanning New Zealand, Japan and the UK.  Liz’s adaptability, and strong communication and organisational skills make her an asset to anyone attempting to set up a new life in a new city. Read More