Sarah Bourke
Resettlement Advisor | Christchurch

Having arrived in Christchurch herself just a few years ago, Sarah has personal experience to share with those resettling in the rapidly-changing city.

Sarah’s second home is Japan.  As a teacher of English she moved to a small town in her 20s and was immersed in Japanese culture.  She credits the support of a local family as crucial to her adapting so successfully.

After returning to New Zealand and working as a secondary school teacher Sarah shifted careers, combining her background in education with her strong interest in the arts to run and manage museum and art gallery education programmes. Sarah and her family continue to travel extensively and maintain a wide network of friends all over the world, a number of whom have ended up in Christchurch involved with the rebuild.  Their support was crucial when she moved to Christchurch with her husband and son.  She now combines resettlement work with university study and volunteering at her local school and arts institutions.

‘Personally, I’ve found moving into a post-earthquake rebuilding city is a unique experience.  Christchurch is an exciting place to be and I find it incredibly satisfying helping people navigate their way into the wonderful communities and lifestyle on offer here.’