Helen Carter
Resettlement Advisor | Auckland

Helen is Mobile’s short term assignment specialist.  Her knowledge of the apartment property market and strong organisational skills get people up and running in Auckland quickly and efficiently.

Helen was brought up on a farm in the South Island and has continued to move north, with time spent in Christchurch, Wellington, Auckland and post-9/11 New York. She had personal experience of the value of a friendly relocation consultant when her husband took up a job in New York in the banking industry in 2002.  With three pre-schoolers in tow, the practical support was essential in finding houses, schools and communities.

The family returned to Auckland in 2005 and Helen now enjoys the opportunity to work in resettlement while still being closely involved with her teenage children, and running a business marketing fine jewellery. Her career background in corporate travel has provided invaluable knowledge for helping resettlement clients with managing all the logistics involved in an international relocation.

“Auckland is a vibrant, fun city with so much to offer.  I have loved discovering it myself and look forward to sharing this knowledge with you and making your move here an enjoyable one.”