Bridget Romanes

Founding Mobile was Bridget’s response to the need for a comprehensive suite of services to underpin the global mobility HR function.  Bridget loves being actively engaged with clients’ businesses and the people that they bring to NZ. 

Although born and bred in Auckland, much of Bridget’s life has been spent overseas and in other parts of New Zealand.

She joined the New Zealand Foreign Service after University, living and working as a diplomat in Singapore and India and traveling extensively in Asia, Europe and North America.  Seeking to balance a career with a young family, Bridget then started a freelance writing business, initially offshore then relocating back to New Zealand.  After a fascinating stint working on the policy underpinning Auckland's recent local government restructure,  Bridget moved into the relocation industry in 2013.

‘While I have enjoyed the stimulation and variety of a global career I'm also aware of the challenges involved. And I’ve experienced first-hand the difference that a well-managed relocation can have on employee wellbeing and job performance.’